Hi there, let me introduce myself

Hi there,

My name is Darryl Miles and I’ve been working in the IT industry for over 17 years now.   Over this time I’ve had a range of services roles in the design and delivery of infrastructure solutions with technologies such as VMware, Microsoft, Citrix and Linux.   I’ve authored IBM Redbooks and Redpapers on Windows, Citrix and Lotus Domino too.  I’ve even had time working and travelling in the UK/Europe which was great fun too.

This year I’m looking forward to a new challenge as a Systems Software Architect for STG (the hardware guys within IBM) for IBM Australia.   My role will be to demonstrate the value that System Software brings to IBM’s solutions.   Systems Software covers our platform management products and server operating systems.  Equally important however is how IBM products (both hardware and software) integrate with 3rd party providers.   Clients require solutions to business problems and just want all the ‘IT stuff’ things to work together regardless of the provider(s) !

Within IBM, I’m the co-leader of the Microsoft Technology Worldwide Community of Practice (MSCoP) within IBM, which fosters the sharing of information and IC to market and deliver engagements involving Microsoft technologies with IBM services and products.    Who would have thought IBM had an internal community on Microsoft ?   We have a large internal database of project IC for our deployment and support teams (as IBM supports a large client base of all sizes).  Our community also shares info on IBM products and how they work with Microsoft software.

So I’ve always loved to share my my experiences and info within IBM.  So I thought with my new role I’d take this ‘info sharing’ to a wider audience via an external blog.   So if you’re reading this blog,  I’d like to share with you interesting IBM Systems news/info I find, and things I learn with our products.   Oh… and the occasional commentry on being a Dad with two young kids under the age of 3 !

Bye for now.


2 Replies to “Hi there, let me introduce myself”

  1. Darryl, I really enjoy your blog as I am preparing to roll out IBM Systems Director 6.3 at my current company. I used to work at IBM and finding quick information was ususally easier through Google than any internal sites. Many of my Google searches have results that lead me to your blog:-)
    Anyway, more specifically, I am wondering if you have any ISD expertise in regard to System p as I have noticed most of your posts reference System x…
    Do you or anyone you know have experience with ISD System p running on AIX using DB2???

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