Enhanced System x Quick Reference mobile app for iPhone, Blackberry, Android

I must admit I find my iPhone (3GS) incredibly useful.  When I had my trusty Nokia I used to see those iPhone guys flicking b/w apps and thought it looked more style than substance.  Now that I have an iPhone I can’t imagine ever using another type of phone.  Who know’s what will come along in the future though.

Apart from e-mail, Calendar, news, twitter, Toodledo, eBay, Slide Reader (RSS), Dropbox, banking etc.  I’ve started to use some of the new iPhone product apps IBM’s developed – such as System x, IBM Storage and IBM Remote (to remotely manage your BladeCentre etc).

Another new app is  the enhanced version of the IBM System x Quick Reference mobile app – now available for iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices. Users who already have the Pilot version of the app on their iPhone or Blackberry will be prompted to download the new version.

The new “Quick Reference for IBM System x” was developed by IBM in collaboration with our digital agency EURO RSCG, Velti (a global provider of mobile solutions) and STIBO systems. Features including a dynamic backend that automatically pulls in product data from our STG Content Factory.
New features include:
– Automatic data feed for latest product highlights, descriptions, and specifications
– Simple registration form that allows IBM to collect basic information including user role (Client, Business Partner, Seller)
– Users can opt in to receive e-mail or SMS updates allowing us to send messages tailored by role
– Enhanced interface design with easy-to-use navigation bar
– Ability to create list of favorite products
– More comprehensive coverage of IBM System x options
– New client success stories section
– Dedicated communities section with easy access to relevant social media and IBM experts
– Robust metrics

Download here:
iPhone version: http://bit.ly/hX2q63
Blackberry version: http://bit.ly/f74Mvi
Android version: http://bit.ly/eggG9c

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