Migrating Systems Director Database from Apache Derby to SQL 2005

I needed to migrate IBM Systems Director default Apache database to a local instance of Microsoft SQL 2005.  The install guide was ok and so was IBM’s System Director redbook to describe the process, however I still forgot to include a step to get it going.  So I thought I’d document the process for others in the

Prerequisite Software Installed

Ensure that the pre-requisite software is installed on the ISD server:

SQL Database and Database Account

Create a local SQL database account as shown in the following screen capture: 













Create a local SQL database with a name of DirectorDB (you could choose any database name), with a database owner of IBMDIR (in my example above)

Changing from Apache Derby to Microsoft SQL

  1. Stop the IBM Systems Director Service
  2. Edit the following file C:\Program Files\IBM\Director\proddata\cfgdbcmd.rspand comment out the Apache section and update the SQL database section as shown in the following example:;===============================================================================
    = SQLServer
    DbmsTcpIpListenerPort = 1433DbmsServerName = IBMDIR
    DbmsDatabaseName =
    DbmsUserId = IBMDIR
    DbmsPassword =
    DbmsDatabaseAppHome = C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL
    Server JDBC Driver
    DbmsIntegratedSecurity =
  3. Encrypt the password in the cfgdbcmd.rsp via the following command:C:\Program Files\IBM\Director \bin cfgserver.bat –db
  4. Enter the DbmsUserId / DbmsPassword as listed in the cfgdbcmd.rsp when prompted.
  5. Change to the C:\Program Files\IBM\Director\proddata directory
  6. Run the following command:cfgdbcmd.cmd -rspfile “C:\Program Files\IBM\Director\proddata\cfgdbcmd.rsp”
  7. Enter the database sa and password when prompted
  8. Change to the C:\Program Files\IBM\Director\bin directory
  9. Runthe following command:run smreset  (select 1 if prompted)
  10. Start the IBM System Director Service (it may take up to 10 minutes to be fully initialised)

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