How to migrate your endpoints to a new Systems Director 6.3 server

If you’re currently running Systems Director 6.2.x in your environment, you can perform an in-place upgrade to 6.3 as outlined here.  However, there are many customers who might also like to install some new hardware or even virtualise their existing Director server at the same time.

The following steps outline the process to migrate your Director 6.2.x endpoints into a new (clean) Director 6.3 server,  without doing any configuration on each endpoint.

Before you start, it’s a good idea to do a complete backup of your source Director server. If it’s running as a VM, perform a snapshot or take a complete copy of the VM.  So you can easily revert to this backup if necessary.

1) Your source 6.2.x IBM Systems Director (ISD) Server and target 6.3 server should be up and running at the same time.  Ensure that you can communicate between both systems and no firewalls are running on each system or on the network between them.

2) On your source 6.2.x ISD server, go to Settings -> Agent Manager configuration

3) Click on the add button in the Agent Manager configuration screen

4) We get the add Agent Manager window, we need to fill it with appropriate target 6.3 Agent manger details.  Fill these in but DO NOT check “make the new agent manager active”.

Click OK when complete. You should get a message saying successfully added agent manager. You’ll see your source and target Director servers as shown below.

5) Now select the target 6.3 server and click Make Active.

You should see the following screen:

6) After clicking OK,  we can see the progress wheel spinning…

It will continue whilst endpoints are migrated to the target server.  In my testing, this window disappears and the migration continues in the background.  It make take up to 24 hours for all the endpoints to be migrated between the two ISD servers.

7) You should see the systems in the target 6.3 server under Resource Explorer.  Check you have access to a number of endpoints and you can perform an inventory ok on the migrated systems.

8) If things look ok, shutdown your source Director server.  You’re done !

This process above also applies if you need to migrate the endpoints between Director 6.3 systems too.  This migration approach is currently being tested by our global support team.  So I expect once this testing is completed,  it will be a supported migration proceedure listed on InfoCenter.

Let us know how you go with your migration on the Systems Director developerworks forum.


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