IBM VIBs for VMware ESXi 4.1U2 and 5.0

IBM has released the IBM VIBs (vSphere Installation Bundle) for ESXi 4.1U2 (Update 2) and 5.0 so customers can now create there own custom ESXi images.

vSphere 5.0

The IBM providers for 5.0 are now posted to Fix Central – here  (updated link July 2012)

Otherwise you can also find them by:

  1. Going to Support and Downloads at
  2. Choose Fix Central
  3. Right side and do a search for –  IBM CIM Providers for VMware vSphere Hypervisor 5.0

vSphere 4.1U2  (Appear to be no longer available – July 2012)

If you have any queries about these VIBs, the best place to post your question is IBM’s System x Server forum here



  1. For ESXi 5U1 we still have to wait?
    I think I rushed the upgrade, should have stayed with the customized 5 version.


  2. Hi Daryl,

    I am using the IBM customized vSphere5 ESXi on my servers. How can I upgrade it to 5 U1. I have to wait till IBM releases the customized 5 U1? What happens when I use the vanilla 5 U1? Will I lose the included drivers, or they will remain?

    Regards, Krisztian

    1. Hi Krisztian,

      IBM has released a customized 5 U1 for download (so includes drivers). I’d download this ESXi and test appropriately for your env. (ie. one or two hosts) then rollout to the rest of your server farm as per your upgrade release schedule.


      1. Hi Daryl,

        thank you for the response. I already downloaded it. Now I have to put the iso to update manager and configure it accordingly to update the host using this image. Am I right?


      2. I haven’t yet tested an update to ESXi 5 U1 from 5, however I’m expecting it to be a similar process with vCenter Update Manager from ESXi 4 to 5. So yes, in that case you’d point the update to the new 5 U1 ISO

  3. None of the IBM links are valid. Appears IBM once again is lagging behind HP and Dell that already have support for VMware vSphere 5.1 Update 1 depots online.

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