Enabling OAuth 2.0 authentication with Workspace ONE Intelligence

Automations in Workspace ONE Intelligence let you automate actions across your Workspace ONE deployment. The automation capabilities in Workspace ONE Intelligence use numerous parameters that trigger a workflow. You can customise the workflow to act on unique scenarios in your Workspace ONE environment. To enable this capability with Workspace ONE UEM, you need to select Integrations and then Outbound Connectors option and enable the Workspace ONE UEM integration.

The purpose of this article is to use the OAuth 2.0 authentication method between both products. The primary advantage of this method is that the authorisation won’t expire (which will occur if you use local administrator account in UEM, where the default policy is set to expire every 30 days).

Enabling OAuth 2.0 within Workspace ONE UEM

Following this article, navigate to Groups & Settings > Configurations.

Enter OAuth in the search text box labeled ‘Enter a name or category’.

Select OAuth Client Management that appears in the results. The OAuth Client Management screen displays.

Select the Add button.

Enter the NameDescriptionOrganization Group, and Role.

Ensure that the Status is Enabled.

Select Save

IMPORTANT: Copy the Client ID and Client Secret to clipboard and save to Notepad before you close this screen. Select the clipboard icon to send the Client Secret. You cannot return here to retrieve these pieces of information after you select Close.

Obtain the Workspace ONE UEM REST API Key

From within Workspace ONE UEM Console, select Groups and Settings > All Settings > System > Advanced > API > REST API. Copy the REST API key to Notepad.

Enabling the Workspace ONE UEM Integration within Intelligence

Select Integrations > Workspace ONE UEM > Setup as follows:

Select Auth Type of OAuth2 Authentication as follows:

Enter details for your particular environment as follows. Please note to use your region specific URL as per this article. For my environment, I used

Select Authorise and the status will change to Authorised with a green tick.

I then created a simple automation to check if Antivirus was working and an action within Workspace ONE UEM to lock the device. Simply to ensure the automation is working correctly.

That’s it! You’re now ready to start using automations within Intelligence to Workspace ONE UEM.

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