Integrating Workspace ONE Intelligence and ServiceNow

Workspace ONE Intelligence provides a number of out of the box integrations with solutions such as ServiceNow. This allows administrators to build automations to create incidents into ServiceNow when particular automation events are triggered.

The purpose of this article is to detail how to enable this automation with ServiceNow. 

Start a ServiceNow developer trial by filling in your details here. Make sure you choose the application development environment for professional developers. I make the initial mistake of starting off with an App Engine Studio Creator instance, which is more if you’re looking to build your own ServiceNow applications!

Create a ServiceNow Instance

ServiceNow will take a few minutes to email you details on your instance URL, admin account and password.

Add New Workflow Connector

1. From the Intelligence console, select Integrations – Workflow Connectors and click Add

2. Select ServiceNow and Set Up ServiceNow as shown:

3. Enter your Base URL, User Name as admin and enter your appropriate password that was emailed to you. Click Authorize.

4. Next select Actions and next to Create Incident, select the three dots (hamburger icon) and select Test.

5. Enter a short description and comment like my following example. Click Next

6. Ensure that the ServiceNow create incident test is processed correctly as shown:

7. If you login to your ServiceNow admin console, select All – Incidents. Ensure that any filtering is removed by clicking All.

8. Your test incident should now be shown as follows:

9. If you click on this incident you’ll see the same text you entered from Intelligence.

That’s it! You’ve now successfully integrated Workspace ONE Intelligence with ServiceNow.

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