Integrating Workspace ONE Intelligence and Slack

Workspace ONE Intelligence provides a number of out of the box integrations with solutions such as Slack. This allows administrators to build automations to send messages to Slack when particular automation events are triggered.

The purpose of this article is to detail how to enable this automation to your Slack workspace. I’ve repeated a number of steps from VMware’s official documentation here.

I’d like to thank Borislav Kayalov (Member of Technical Staff, VMware) for his assistance with the Oauth settings detailed below.

Create a new Slack instance

Start off by creating your Slack workspace. For my lab, I started for with a free workspace trial by clicking here.

Create a Slack App

Once your workspace is created (or you’re logged into an existing Slack workspace) go to You must be signed in to your Slack account to create a Slack App.

  1. Select Create an App.Select the option to create From scratch.
  2. Enter a name in the App Name field and select a space in the Pick a workspace to develop your app in drop-down menu. For example:

3. Select Create App.

4. Select your Slack App (in my case EUCAUApp), and then select Features – OAuth & Permissions.
Go to the Scopes section and add the following Bot Token Scopes:

5. Go to Settings > Basic Information.

6. In the Building Apps for Slack section, select Install your app and then select to Install App to Workspace.

7. Select the workspace and channel where you want to install the app. You can configure set up for additional individuals, private channels, and public channels to use in your Workspace ONE Intelligence workflows.

8. Click Allow

9. Navigate to Features > OAuth & Permissions and go to the OAuth Tokens for Your Workspace section.

10. Copy the Bot User OAuth Token.

Add New Workflow Connector

1. From the Intelligence console, select Integrations – Workflow Connectors and click Add

2. Select Slack Web API – Set Up Slack WEB API as shown:

3. Then open up Notepad (or TextEdit on your Mac) and start a new line with the word Bearer followed by a space then the token you just copied above. For example:

Bearer xoxb-1371140990757-5047435816789-1111122222333333

4. Copy the above line of text into the Header Value field below.

5. Click Authorize. On the following screen, click on the Actions menu and next to Message, select the three dots (hamburger icon) and select Test

6. Enter some test text and Slack channel as shown:

7. Click Test. You should then see a no errors as shown below:

8. Plus of course a message in Slack:

That’s it! You’ve now successfully integrated Workspace ONE Intelligence with Slack.

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