Deploying the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub via Active Directory GPO

The Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub (previously the Airwatch Agent) provides a range of flexible options to get deployed to your Windows 10 PCs. The VMware Techzone article Onboarding Windows 10 Using Command-Line Enrollment details this for various deployment options.

I then came across two excellent videos created by Rob Kelley (VMware).  Rob created two videos which detail how to first create a Transform File (MST) and secondly how to deploy the Intelligent Hub and using this Transform.  These videos are available here:

  • How to create a Transform file for the UEM Win10 Hub – link
  • Deploy Workspace ONE Hub via GPO – link

The following are screen captures from my lab using Rob’s process.  The first is using Orca to create my Transform file.


Select the option to provide descriptive status messages:


Install the MSI (and MST) from a network share:


MST deployment options:


I also setup an action to delete the Airwatch Enrollment shortcut as per the video too:


The Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub is then installed via GPO!


Thanks so much to Rob for producing two very easy to follow videos!



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